Pricing for a personalised cake can vary on design
Pricing for a personalised cake can vary on design

A few things to remember regarding pricing;

  • Your cake(s) will be freshly made.
  • We use quality ingredients.
  • Your cake is carefully hand crafted.
  • Your cake is custom made to your specification. Just for you.  Just for your event.

With this in mind you can appreciate that, of course, the cost will be more expensive than a batch made, long shelf life cake that you can pick up from a supermarket.

As you can imagine pricing a custom cake to specific requirements can vary vastly. One cake may be fairly simple in design, whereas the next one may require intricate piping and sugar flowers.

The best way to get an accurate price is to contact us for a quote. We feel it’s better than to just state “cakes from £xx”. Send us details on what is required, how many it needs to serve and date required. If you have any images of cakes that you like, feel free to send these over. From here we can ensure that your needs, ideas, thoughts and requests are noted – this ensures nothing is missed.

By doing it this way, it puts us in the best position to ensure that we price your cake accordingly and don’t just “guesstimate” by which you are overcharged! We think it is fairer this way.

Have a look through our gallery here at our previous cakes. If you can’t see anything you like let us know. We will be more than happy to design and make a cake to your exact requirements.